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A message from Owner and Cheesemaker, Marie-Laure:

Hello Neighbor,
While we have not made cheese since August 2020, we are in the throes of selling CFF to a new cheesemaker! Please check back for updates to see when you'll get your hands on some delectable cheese nibbles. Continue to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and please sign up for our newsletter.

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Old-world heart meets new-world innovation


At Couët Farm & Fromagerie we create unique, award-winning cheeses for your every meal. We believe that food should nourish your soul and that everything we do should support and empower our community. Our mission is to be a sustainable family business that creates beautiful, delicious, wholesome cheeses.





Following several years of apprenticeships in Europe and a life-long love of cheese and agriculture, Marie-Laure Couët opened Couët Farm & Fromagerie. With the goal of supporting and feeding our community, we create small-batch, handmade cheeses with milk from single-source family dairies. We carefully select this milk for quality and yield and we pay fair prices in order to actively contribute to the strength of our regional economy.

We are a woman-owned and operated family cheesemaking company since 2015.



From biodegradable insulated shipping material, to sourcing our electricity from a community solar farm, to paper tasting spoons and Ovtene calcium carbonate cheese paper, we aim to have a small footprint and a positive impact on our planet.

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